The Freedom Of Self Employment

Maybe it’s just that this is all still new and exciting for me, but I have to say that my first few weeks as a UK based freelancer have been wonderful. And whether it’s the novelty or not, there are definitely some perks to this self-employed life.

It’s been extremely freeing not to have to go into an office each day or report to someone about my schedule or my progress. I have worked the hours I’ve needed to work to finish the jobs that needed finishing. But which hours those were and where I did them from, nobody but me knows or cares.
I have been waking up or sleeping in as and when I wanted/needed to. I’ve worked office hours some days and the opposite on others. I’ve taken lunch breaks at 11 am and then a second one at 3 pm. I worked through the weekend to make up for slacking off in the week. And when the temperature dropped below freezing this week, I refused to get up but worked from my bed with my new lap desk instead.

And since I’ve just moved to a new city and there’s been all manner of life admin to be dealt with, I’ve been able to do it all when it’s most convenient. I’ve made long, tedious phone calls to banks and council offices and left the hold music playing on speaker while I got on with my work. I’ve accepted plumber’s appointments and delivery slots for the middle of the weekday because I knew I could be at home to meet them. I took a day off to register with a doctor and joined a mid-morning yoga class. And I’ve taken my job out on the road.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve worked in hotel bars, coffee shops, libraries, and train stations. I’ve whipped out my laptop in a restaurant and done some work while waiting for my food to arrive. And I’ve worked on trains while crossing the country to meet up with family. It has all felt very fitting for my new role as a freelance writer, and I have enjoyed tap tap typing away on my laptop in various cafes. Although I very quickly realised that I was not unique, I was invariably surrounded by other people tap typing away on their own laptops. Other freelancers, students, writers and workers, also making the most of the free wifi, eking out the dregs of one coffee and angling for the best seats beside the plug sockets. While those others do dampen my main-character vibe a little, they also make me feel like part of a community. So I’ll allow it.

Six weeks into my new UK-based life, I am still feeling ever so smug about it all. The freedom to work when I want, where I want. To make plans and book appointments without having to worry about getting the time off from work, not having to waste a day’s holiday on something as dull and necessary as a dentist visit. Having no one judge me for the amount of tea I drink in a day, and yes, working from my bed in my fuzziest pyjamas when the world outside is frozen and grey.

In short, I’d have to say this self-employed, freelancer life ain’t too shabby so far!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

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