I’m a little bit English, a little bit Welsh and currently living in the French Alps.

Anita Gait feeding a rabibit on Rabbit Island, Japan.

I’ve been a travel addict ever since I took my first big trip away to Australia over ten years ago. Since then I have lived and worked in Oz, New Zealand and Canada, worked ski seasons in the Alps and travelled through South East Asia, India, Bali, Morocco and Europe.

My favourite things to do when planning a trip somewhere new are:

  • Buy myself a guide book – any excuse to buy a book.
  • Research what the best local food is – I love eating new things.
  • Find out what wildlife I might run into – I always make more furry friends than human ones.

Despite having been almost constantly on the move for the last ten years, the list of places I want to visit just keeps getting longer and longer. I am quite certain I will never come to the end of it and I can’t see myself staying still any time soon.

I’m a freelance writer, aspiring author, foodie, compulsive reader, tea addict and animal lover.

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Anita walks along the city walls in Alcudia Mallorca.
Photo of Anita Gait taken in Alcudia, Mallorca

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