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Hi, welcome to The Magic Envelope, an informal space where I share some more samples of my writing and post tales from my travels past, present, and (🤞) future.

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The Freedom Of Self Employment

Maybe it’s just that this is all still new and exciting for me, but I have to say that my first few weeks as a UK based freelancer have been wonderful. And whether it’s the novelty or not, there are definitely some perks to this self-employed life.

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golden yellow and green leafed trees in a large park woodland

All Change

Well, it happened. I finally did what I had been threatening to do for many months and left La Plagne! I packed my bags, boarded a plane and headed back to the UK in search of a new place to base myself.

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A Farewell To Summer

And just like that, the summer is over. The chairlifts are closed, the mountain bikers have packed up their mud-splattered gear, the bars have thrown their closing parties and shut their doors. Once again, this resort town became deserted almost overnight. 

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The Problem With Travel Writing

On my About page, I mentioned that I have a ‘To Be Travelled’ list in my head that just keeps growing longer and longer. I stand very little chance of completing it in one lifetime, but I enjoy dreaming of those destinations and planning my future visits there. However, due to COVID, I have not had the opportunity to check anywhere off my list and now, thanks to this new job of mine, the list is growing to somewhat alarming proportions.

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